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Energy Impact Summer Fellowships

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Energy Impact Summer Fellowships

In conjunction with the Haas Center, the TomKat Center will provide stipends to Stanford undergraduates who wish to work on a sustainable energy project with significant social impact.   

Spend 8 weeks next summer working as a team with fellow undergraduate students on a multifaceted project. Fellowships are Cardinal-Quarter-eligible. The fellowship will run from 7/6/2021 to 8/27/2021. 


Access the 2021 final report, presentation, and recommendations here

The summer 2021 Energy Impact Fellowship will be hosted by the TomKat Center. The team of undergraduate fellows will spend the summer exploring the technical, economic and regulatory barriers to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of plastics recycling in California with a particular focus on strategies to reduce pollution, landfill waste, and exports to vulnerable regions. You will be based at Stanford under the direction of TomKat personnel but will interact with a broad range of professionals and experts on the technology, policy, and business aspects of the project. You will gain hands-on experience in designing, managing and executing such a project and creating a comprehensive report. An outcome of the project will be a set of policy recommendations that you will present to relevant industry and Government stakeholders.


Undergraduate students (any year or major) who have a passion for renewable energy and who enjoy working on projects that have tangible social value. Some relevant technical and project management experience or skills would be a plus. Creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness, and the ability to work in collaboration with others are paramount.


This immersive 8 week summer program will include:

  • Project management experience in a collaborative team setting
  • $7,500 stipend
  • Mentorship
  • Training in sustainable energy production processes


You can apply for this opportunity through SOLO. A complete fellowship application includes the following components:

1. Personal Statement

The personal statement questions are your opportunity to express why you are interested in this particular fellowship experience. The selection committee is interested in both your personal and academic reasons for applying to this program. Please ensure that you are specific in your responses to the questions, yet succinct. Each response should be approximately one paragraph (4 to 6 sentences) in length.

  • Why are you applying for this fellowship?
  • How have you prepared for this fellowship and what do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge?   
  • What classes have you taken that have prepared you for this fellowship?
  • How will this fellowship contribute to your academic success and professional and/or personal development?  

2. Applicant information (name, major, SU id#, email address)

3. One-page resume, including current and past internships, work experience, and community service endeavors

4. Please submit an unofficial transcript from Stanford Axess.

  • Go to the Student Center tab from the Axess home page.
  • Click on "My Academics."
  • Click on “View my unofficial transcripts.”
  • In the drop down menu marked as “Career” select “undergraduate.”
  • Click the green button “View Report.”
  • Save pdf file with your name and upload to your application. 
TomKat Center is proud to be a Cardinal Quarter Community Partner