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Stanford researchers devise new technique for drawing freshwater from the atmosphere Feb 2021

APPLY NOW! Graduate Student Fellowships Feb 2021

Aurora Solar highlighted: A surge in green financing boosts climate businesses Jan 2021

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Stanford PhDs use air injection to streamline long-haul trucking Jan 2021

Applications for TomKat's energyStartup Internship Program are now open Jan 2021

TomKat teams well represented in Forbes under 30 Dec 2020

2020 TomKat Postdoctoral Fellows selected Dec 2020

Concentrated Energy: Stanford graduate fellows advance research for a more sustainable future Nov 2020

Community Solar Spotlight Oct 2020

Boots on the ground: Stanford team puts decarbonized fertilizer to the test Sep 2020

Storing sunshine as affordable backup power Sep 2020

Solid electrolyte materials could improve safety and performance of lithium-ion batteries Sep 2020

Energy Impact final report: Enabling community solar Sep 2020

TomKat Center Programs (Digital Brochure) Sep 2020

TomKat Center’s Innovation Transfer Program steps up to the plate with new ventures Aug 2020

Artificial Intelligence Platform Detects Power Grid Flaws And Wildfire Dangers Better And Faster Than Humans July 2020

2019-2020 TomKat Center Year-in-Review July 2020

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Where Medical Science Meets Wildfire Prevention July 2020

Dr. Georgia T. Papadakis appointed at ICFO June 2020

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Stanford grads clean up diesel engines May 2020

California startup Opus 12 aims to help polluters recycle carbon dioxide May 2020

8 Global Agri-FoodTech Startups Reimagining the Future of Food May 2020

Students turn class projects into cleantech startups May 2020

TomKat Postdoc Applications Open May 2020

LaderaTech acquired by Perimeter Solutions May 2020

2020 NREL Industry Growth Forum Best Venture Award goes to Laderatech May 2020

2020 MIT Clean Energy Prize Grand Prize Winner Nitricity May 2020

Fertilizer startup Nitricity wins BASES 100K challenge April 2020

Innovation Spotlight: Early-stage Seattle startup aims for the most affordable electricity from the wind March 2020

Antora Energy recently demonstrated the world's most efficient solid state heat engine March 2020

These new battery technologies could be the future of energy storage March 2020

ClearMetal Raises Capital to Help Companies Keep Up With Amazon February 2020

Fuel-saving TruckWings will be option on Agility Fuel conversions February 2020

APPLY NOW! Graduate Student Fellowships January 2020

UPS gets a lift as TruckWings eliminates the tractor-trailer gap January 2020

Microbial DNA can reveal water’s underground origins January 2020

Applications for TomKat's energyStartup Internship Program are now open January 2020

Forbes selects seven Stanford students in cleantech for "30 Under 30" December 2019

Research Spotlight: Chibueze Amanchukwu Postdoc December 2019

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Stanford business grad hopes to clean up same-day delivery November 2019

Precourt Institute, TomKat Center and Bits & Watts award $1.3 million for new energy research October 2019

Opus12 in Science article: how renewable energy is helping industry wean itself off carbon feedstocks October 2019

NPR with Tandem PV: How big oil of the past helped launch the solar industry of today October 2019

MIT Review of TomKat IT team Antora Energy October 2019

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Providing dignified, sustainable housing to refugees October 2019

2019 TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellows Announced October 2019

Stanford researchers have developed a gel-like fluid to prevent wildfires October 2019

Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage; new research gives energy storage a cost target September 2019

LaderaTech's gel prevents plants from burning to stop wildfires September 2019

IT Team Skycool Systems: This space-age tech cuts cooling costs — and carbon emissions August 2019

Dionne and Kanan become co-directors of Stanford’s TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy August 2019

This Entrepreneur Shines A Light On The Power Of Female Deeptech CEOs August 2019

Education Spotlight: Stanford grad students bring inventive, open-ended science to the South Bay August 2019

Energy From Seawater July 2019

Net Zero Accelerator Selects TomKat Innovation Transfer Grantees July 2019

2018-19 Innovation Transfer Program Awardees July 2019

Innovation Spotlight: Stanford team designs a solar-powered incubator for Tanzanian chicken farmers July 2019

Google and Aurora Solar Take Aim at Rooftop PV’s Soft Costs July 2019

Steering wind power in a new direction: How skewing turbines boosts farm output July 2019

Fast Company on PastureMap: The Green New Deal wants farmers to restore the land, not keep wrecking it July 2019

Innovation Spotlight: Stanford grads envision the transformative potential of high-voltage power May 2019

TomKat Center: 10 years of action and impact May 2019

Cuberg's New Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones for Longer  April 2019

Cleantech hackathon’s winning team leveraged interdisciplinary skills April 2019

Energy Spotlight – Danica Sarlya, TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy April 2019

Opus12 and FullMoon Sensors among the Finalists at the World Materials Forum startup challenge April 2019

Tandem PV Secures a Rare Fund Raise for Perovskite Solar April 2019

Innovation Spotlight: Stanford students use drone technology to speed up powerline inspections April 2019

Drone powered by Cuberg batteries demonstrates 70% longer flight duration than with conventional Li-ion March 2019

TomKat Issues Seed Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) February 2019

Aurora Solar Raises $20 Million Series A to Scale Solar Software February 2019

Applications for TomKat's Energy Impact Fellowships are now open January 2019

Applications for TomKat's energyStartup Internship Program are now open January 2019

2018 Energy Impact Summer Fellows Spotlight January 2019

Antora Energy’s Shell/NREL prize is latest in series that started with TomKat Center January 2019

TomKat, Precourt, and GCEP award $2 million for new energy research in 2018 December 2018

Healyx Spotlight: Waiting for Closure December 2018

Stanford to go 100 percent solar by 2021 December 2018

Citrine Informatics Wins 2018 Best in Biz Awards Start-up of the Year November 2018

Indrio takes second place in Smogathon November 2018

TomKat postdoc makes movies of photochemistry in single nanoparticles November 2018

TomKat awardees named to Forbes 30 under 30 in energy November 2018

Forbes selects five Stanford people involved in energy for "30 Under 30" November 2018

There's a renaissance happening for energy entreprenuers November 2018

2018 TomKat Postdoctoral Fellows Announced October 2018

Bill Gates adds Fervo Energy to his clean energy fund September 2018

Solstice wins global startup competition September 2018

Solstice makes the Forbes Women-Led Startups Shaking up Tech September 2018

Antora Energy receives a $3M award from ARPA-E September 2018

Fervo Energy awarded grant by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy September 2018

Ceres Imaging makes The Tech Tribune's list of 2019 Best Tech Startups in Oakland September 2018

Citrine Informatics makes Forbes' list of 25 Machine Learning Startups to watch August 2018

Ceres Imaging acquires venture capital to further develop their crop management program August 2018

Stanford scientists combine approaches to overhaul wind farms August 2018

Cuberg wins the WMF Start-Up Challenge August 2018

FLOW's 2018 Winners: Antora Energy July 2018

Scientists advance new affordable way to store wind and solar electricity on a large scale July 2018

Can California's Carbon Queen Recycle Pollution? July 2018

Stanford researchers advance the next generation of semiconductors July 2018

Outer Space Could Revolutionize Air Conditioning June 2018

University of Maryland partners with Keewi to reduce electricity waste June 2018

2017-18 Innovation Transfer Program Awardees June 2018

TomKat seed grant leads to new treatment plant that can clean wastewater while creating energy May 2018

Opus 12 and SoCalGas Simplify Conversion of CO2 Into Storable Renewable Energy May 2018

Citrine Informatics Closes Financing Round to Meet International Demand for Materials-Driven AI April 2018

Could This New Material Mitigate the Climate Damage from the Global Air Conditioning Boom? April 2018

Scientists Use Machine Learning to Speed Discovery of Metallic Glass April 2018

Going Vegan? Eating Sustainable Beef Can Be Good for the Environment April 2018

Three Reasons Why Solar Designs Fall Short April 2018

Why Some of the Most Groundbreaking Technologies are a Bad Fit for the Silicon Valley Funding Model April 2018

Stanford undergraduates explore the feasibility of “floatovoltaics” February 2018

Iris PV Helps to Modernize Rooftop Solar Production February 2018

TomKat Center issues research seed grant RFP February 2018

Boeing invests in Cuberg to Advance Battery Technology January 2018

TomKat Summer Program Applications are Now Open January 2018

Opus12: 25 People Shaping the Future in Tech, Science, Medicine, Activism and More December 2017

Citrine: The AI Company that Helps Boeing Cook New Metals for Jets December 2017

A Delicate Balance: Finding the right formulation and business model, to reinvent batteries December 2017

Opus12 makes CNBC's list of start-ups proving innovation isn't dead November 2017

Plug loads: The last frontier of energy efficiency November 2017

XStream Introduces Industry-First Active-Aero Device to Streamline Trucks and Boost Fuel Economy November 2017

TomKat Center Welcomes a New Cohort of Postdoctoral Fellows to Stanford November 2017

Ceres Imaging scores $2.5M to bring machine learning-powered insights to farmers November 2017 

New grants for energy research help faculty explore fresh ideas October 2017

ClearMetal Wins Data Intelligence Platform Award October 2017

Engineers Have Found a Way to 3D Print Super Strong Aluminum September 2017

Solstice is redefining Nigeria's electrical grid September 2017

ClearMetal gets 9 million dollars for its logistics platform September 2017

New water-cooling solar panels could lower the cost of air conditioning by 20% September 2017

Stanford Achieves Top Ranking for Sustainability August 2017

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of New Materials Discovery August 2017

Stanford undergrads take a leave to focus on their solar startup, Dragonfly Systems—and then return for their degrees August 2017

Solstice Energy named runner-up in Cisco global challenge June 2017

Ventures in sustainability require extra perseverance  June 2017

Advances in wireless charging June 2017

Startup success for Stanford students yields riches — and a return to the dorms June 2017

Opus 12 hopes to rewrite the history of carbon emissions June 2017

Ceres Imaging Lands $5 Million in Series A Funding to Help Growers Manage Crops and Optimize Yield May 2017

Opus12's Kendra Kuhl is featured in Motherboard's Humans of the Year April 2017

Download Keewi's Occupant Engagement Case Study April 2017

Solstice wins MIT Clean Energy Prize April 2017

ClearFlame accepted into Argonne Nat'l Lab's Chain Reaction Innovations Program April 2017

Stanford researchers pioneer use of solar energy to make fertilizer on farms March 2017

Opus 12 founders featured in Smithsonianas "Innovators to Watch in 2017" March 2017

TomKat Research Spotlight: Waste Not, Want Not March 2017

Solstice wins Berkeley's Cleantech University Prize February 2017

Roddenberry Foundation's grand prize for transformative innovation goes to Opus 12 February 2017

TomKat Center issues research seed grant RFP February 2017

Ceres and Opus 12 named to Energy Excelerator's 2017 cohort February 2017

TomKat / StartX Prize Competition now accepting applications January 2017

Applications for TomKat's Energy Impact Fellowships are now open January 2017

Citrine Informatics named to CB Insights' "AI 100" List January 2017

Applications for TomKat's energyStartup Internship Program are now open January 2017

TomKat Center announces new group of Innovation Transfer Program awardees January 2017

Cuberg's Richard Wang named to Forbes' "30 under 30" list of energy entrepreneurs January 2017

Aurora Solar's Chris Hopper named to Forbes' "30 under 30" list of energy entrepreneurs January 2017

Stanford research may lead to safer batteries December 2016

PastureMap helps ranchers manage grasslands November 2016

ClearMetal wins Lloyd's List Big Data Award October 2016

TomKat's Energy Impact fellows make solar conversion simpler for public schools October 2016

Opus 12 named co-winner of Ashton Kutcher's Change The World Prize October 2016

Startup founders stress need for sustainable energy support network October 2016

XStream Trucking and SkyCool Sytems take home the energy award at SXSW October 2016

Stanford to generate 65% of its power from clean, renewable sources by year's end October 2016

TomKat Center welcomes inaugural class of postdoctoral fellows October 2016

TomKat Innovation Transfer grantee Cuberg closes second-round financing September 2016

TomKat/StartX Prize provides an electrifying summer for two student entrepreneurs September 2016

Opus12's Kendra Kuhl named one of Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35 September 2016

Solstice Energy helps Nigerian homeowners manage power September 2016

XStream Trucking is driving change September 2016

2016 energy seed grants announced August 2016

TomKat Center mentor Charlie Gay tapped to lead the SunShot Initiative  August 2016

Stanford scientists help energy utilities analyze and act on consumer data July 2016

XStream Trucking wins second place in DOEs Cleantech University Prize June 2016

XStream and SkyCool win prizes at FLOW June 2016

ClearMetal uses predictive logistics to transform global shipping  June 2016

Tailored messages, prizes and technology seen as key to pro-environmental behavior April 26, 2016

Speedy Cycles: Stanford student examines the pros and cons of electric bikes and scooters March 2016

TomKat Center Issues RFP for Research Seed Grants  LOI due April 1, 2016

Ceres Imaging wins 2016 Water Data Challenge March, 17, 2016

Cuberg and Iris PV selected to join Cyclotron Road  March 1, 2016

Women Entrepreneurs in Cleantech Discuss Overcoming Gender Barriers March 1, 2016

Here's the Fastest Way to Get Packages to Your Front Door (No, It's Not Drones) February 24, 2016

Cuberg and Opus12 are finalists in the first ever Berkeley Cleantech University Prize (Berkeley CUP) February 2, 2016

Stanford students again well represented in Forbes' "30 Under 30 in Energy" list January 15, 2016

Stanford students participate on the cutting edge of the new energy future- energyStartup summer internships

Follow the Stanford delegation at COP 21 through blogs, podcasts, videos, and photos December 7, 2015

Precourt Institute and TomKat Center award $2.1 million for energy research December 2, 2015

TomKat Innovation Spotlight- Ceres Imaging

"A Record-setting Way to Make Transparent Conductors: Spread Them Like Butter on Toast"  SLAC News Center, November 2, 2015

Solar Energy’s Land-Use Impact  Carnegie Science, October 19, 2015

Opus12 just won Fortune's clean tech startup competition September 29, 2015

TomKat issues call for Innovation Transfer Grant pre-proposals  September 24, 2015

TomKat Research Spotlight- Making Wind Farms More Productive September 2015

Student Teams Win Grants to Commercialize Stanford Energy Inventions July 29, 2015

Aurora Solar is solving solar’s logistical headaches July 1, 2015

Aurora Solar celebrates 500MW milestone June 24, 2015

TomKat grantee Citrine Informatics featured in GSB Insights June 22, 2015

Etosha Cave of TomKat Grantee Opus12 speaks at TEDx Stanford May 17, 2015

Data mining our way to the next generation of thermoelectrics May, 15, 2015

TomKat grantees NexTint and Obtainium (now Opus12) winners at DOE FLow Competition May 6, 2015

The TomKat Center celebrates its first 5 years. Watch the Video April 2015

NexTint and Vorpal advance to semi-finals of MIT Clean Energy Prize April 2015

The TomKat Center issues a RFP for research on Distributed Production and Energy Generation April 13, 2015

Solar could meet California energy demand three to five times over March 15, 2015

The Guardian highlights Vorpal's plan to make power from waste February 27, 2015

Summer Technologies selected by Tech Crunch Magazine among top 5 at StartX demo day February 5, 2015

The New York Times features clean energy incubator which includes our team Obtainium February 5, 2015

Innovation Transfer awardee Greg Mulholland in Forbes’ "30 Under 30" January 5, 2015

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