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ClearFlame Team working on their technology

Deploying Sustainable Energy Solutions

Innovation Transfer

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Empowered Homes

A one-stop-shop to help South Africans gain access to alternative energy services and solutions.

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image of ship Photo by Chris Pagan on Unsplash


High-density, low-weight, and low-cost hydrogen storage system specifically for trucks and ships.

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Commercial building


Adaptive reuse of underutilized commercial buildings into affordable housing through integrated design services and an off-site manufactured kit of parts.

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Listed below are a few of the more than 60 spinout companies affiliated with the Innovation Transfer Program.

Citrine Logo

Citrine Informatics

The AI platform for materials discovery.
Cuberg logo 2021


Next-generation battery cells.
Ladera Tech logo


Preventative fire retardant technology.


For questions about the Innovation Program including scope and eligibility please contact the Innovation Program's executive director, Brian Bartholomeusz; (650) 723-3870

For questions about the application process and ongoing grant administration please contact Danica Sarlya; (650) 724-1524

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Innovation Transfer Awards Announcement

Innovation Transfer Program steps up to the plate with new ventures

Group of students
Innovation Spotlight

Storing Sunshine

Bay Area company cleans up affordable backup power.