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The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy harnesses the skills and creativity of Stanford University's leading science, technology, and policy experts to transform the world's energy systems for a sustainable future.  It was established in 2009 with a gift made by Stanford alumni and husband-and-wife team Tom and Kat.

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Advance sustainable energy for the betterment of all.


  • BUILD knowledge and innovation in sustainable energy.
  • CONNECT collaborators at Stanford and beyond.
  • DEVELOP exceptional researchers, innovators, and global citizens.
  • TRANSLATE sustainability innovations into impactful products and businesses.

Seed Grants

The TomKat Center has supported a broad portfolio of early-stage research by Stanford faculty in the area of sustainable energy. From 2010 to 2021, we awarded over $6 million to 37 such research projects involving 56 faculty members from 20 departments and programs. Most of these projects have been awarded two years of research funding but have since gone on to receive millions in follow-on funding and to build new research initiatives.