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2022 Carbon Credits in Agriculture

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The 2022 Energy Impact Fellowship team spent the summer in collaboration with Working Trees, a company who's mission is to deploy more trees in the agricultural space. They started by establishing trees on pasture land in the US Southeast, and have officially launched the first agroforestry carbon project in the United States. The Impact Fellows worked on exploring the technical, economic and regulatory barriers of the carbon market specifically in the agroforestry space, while drafting a project report for Working Trees.

As stated in the overview of the project report, "The agricultural benefits of incorporating trees into active pastureland or hayland, known as "silvopasture", include reduced livestock mortality, minimized heat stress, improved soil health, increased hay yield, improved water retention and infiltration. At the same time, planting trees on pastureland or hayland has been identified as the largest climate solution for carbon sequestration." To learn more about their project, visit the links below!

2022 Energy Impact Fellows

Hannah Huddleston '23

Majoring in Computer Science 

Hannah's takeaways from the fellowship:

Luke Molbak '23

Majoring in Earth Systems 

Luke M.'s takeaways from the fellowship:

Nneoma Uche '25

Majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering

Nneoma's takeaways from the fellowship:

Luke Veit '25


Luke V.'s takeaways from the fellowship: