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Innovation Transfer Program 10-year videos

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The Innovation Transfer Program started in 2013 and has awarded over 100 grants to Stanford teams. Watch the videos below to hear some of our awardees speak about their ventures and the sustainability challenges they are tackling.

Screenshot of Antora cofounder Justin Biggs

Antora Energy

Inexpensive, long-duration industrial heat and energy storage.

Screenshot of Cuberg cofounder Richard Wang


Ultra-lightweight and safe next-generation lithium metal batteries.

screenshot of Kitswitch cofounder


Integrated off-site manufactured kit of parts to adaptively turn underutilized commercial buildings into affordable housing.

Screenshot of ReMatter cofounder Wyatt Pontius


A digital platform that manages scrap yard inventory, logistics, payments, point of sale transactions, reporting, and analytics.

Screenshot of ReSource cofounder A. Banerjee

ReSource Chemical Corp.

Economically competitive commodity plastics using CO2 as the carbon source.

Screenshot of Scope Zero cofounder Lizzy Kolar

Scope Zero

A fintech platform that facilitates a new employee benefit called a “carbon savings account” that reduces employees’ emissions and boosts corporate sustainability goals.