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IRCool Textiles

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We are developing commercially-ready infrared (IR) radiative cooling fabrics based on photonic structure textiles. Our unique designs allow the radiative heat emitted by the human body to dissipate efficiently and thereby cool down the body more effectively than do current textiles. We will build on our pioneering radiative cooling textile research started at Stanford, which resulted in the first experimental demonstrations of radiative human body cooling using textiles, and the first knitted and woven photonic structure textiles with enhanced cooling performance based on efficient radiative heat transfer. We plan to advance our novel cooling textile technology to the next level of commercialization by creating industry-ready textile prototypes that are informed by customer discovery. We will fabricate large-scale woven fabric samples with optimized weaving and knitting patterns, and apply textile finishing processes without affecting cooling performance. These are essential steps for transferring our transformative cooling textile technology out of the university research environment and into commercial applications.

Team Members

Peter Catrysse (Sr. Research Engineer, EE), Prof. Yi Cui MSE, Prof. Shanhui Fan EE (PI)