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Fervo Energy

Team Members: 

Tim Latimer (MBA, MS-EIPER), Ankush Singh (PhD Geophysics), Ahinoam Pollack (PhD Energy Resources Engineering), Prof. Tapan Mukerji, ERE (PI)

Fervo Energy is a geothermal energy company founded by Stanford researchers and experienced oil and gas engineers to leverage recent innovations from the oil and gas industry to dramatically lower the cost and expand the resource base of geothermal energy. The Department of Energy forecasts that geothermal energy can provide 100+ GW of US electricity by 2050 and Fervo Energy's novel design will accelerate this growth and development. We will apply horizontal drilling and multizone stimulation to unlock the potential of geothermal energy. We are currently embarking on a site selection process and development of a detailed technical design for a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of our novel concept.