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Expanding Stanford's Impact

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy is joining Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Sept. 1, 2022!

Pumpkin Seed

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To help prevent foodborne disease, the agricultural industry has accelerated the use of agrochemicals and livestock antibiotics. However, many chemicals are introduced before disease is detected, and their overuse has led to deleterious effects on our environment, natural wildlife, and human health. PumpkinSeed strives to actively monitor disease outbreak in crops and livestock, reducing the need for unnecessary agrochemicals. Unlike current disease detection methods which are either slow and expensive or rapid but imprecise, PumpkinSeed offers continuous and sensitive pathogen detection assays. We aim to revolutionize the food supply chain, reducing the need for unnecessary antibiotics, redundant vaccinations, and harmful agrochemicals.  

Team Members:

Jack Hu (PhD, MSE), Fareeha Safir (PhD, ME), Dr. Nhat Vu, and PI: Prof. Jennifer Dionne (MSE)