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Team Members: 

Ilmir Nasretdinov (MSx, GSB), Hanna Shuvalova (MSx, GSB), and PI: Prof. Saumitra Jha (GSB)

Greency is a gamified social impact app with an automatic carbon footprint tracker and educational components for a sustainable lifestyle. It will educate, motivate and incentivize people to reduce their individual carbon footprint, measure the impact, and it will provide an easy and transparent way for users to offset their personal carbon footprint through carefully selected reforestation projects. The platform incorporates research on carbon Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) from Stanford, UC Berkeley, the World Bank, etc. into a software algorithm combined with research on behavioral change psychology to drive a sustainable mindset. The Greency App will calculate the users footprint automatically, like a Fitbit for carbon, and strive to make living a sustainable life seamless and fun.

Product Demo

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