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Team Members: 

Brock Taute (MS, CEE), Dan Sambor (MS, CEE), Miles Evans (MS, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

donut (Designing Optimized Networks of Microgrid Technologies)  has developed an optimization model that determines the least-cost combination of clean energy technologies to power a microgrid. The model factors in historical weather patterns, space and terrain constraints and regulatory factors. The model has been used to design the power mix for a number of eco-resorts including one at Half Moon Bay. The model will be made widely accessible to the public and customers by giving it an online interface and various levels of accuracy and complexity through the inputting of more data on available environmental resources and demand profiles for potential sites. DONuT is collaborating with a number of best in class technology partners in the development and integration of various algorithms to power their platform.

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