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Citrine Informatics

Team Members: 

Bryce Meredig (MBA, GSB), Greg Mulholland (MBA, GSB) Dr. Kyle Michel and Prof. Jens Norskov (ChemE)

Citrine Informatics' software aggregates and analyzes huge quantities of scientific data to help customers rapidly invent and manufacture new materials with desired properties. The use of computers and algorithms to analyze thousands of potential candidates before laboratory testing is what Citrine's faculty advisor Jens Norskov has been building during his tenure as director of the SUNCAT Center for Interface Science & Catalysis, which designs catalysts for fuel cells, batteries, and devices that produce clean fuel.

With the Innovation Transfer Program's support, Citrine worked with Norskov’s research team as a pilot project and began talks with several major chemical companies. In April 2015, Citrine began a collaboration with Materials Project (MP), a multi-institution research effort housed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In July, Citrine began supporting an Obama Administration initiative, The Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge.

Citrine has raised nearly $10 million, including from such funds as Innovation Endeavors and XSeed Capital. The company has hired several employees and won a small business innovation research grant from the National Science Foundation. Industrial catalysis is a $14-billion industry globally.

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