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Through Bundle's one-stop shop for building materials procurement, builders save time and money with access to transparent pricing, lead-times, supplier ratings and product health/sustainability information. By minimizing the amount of delays and incorrect product orders prevalent in the majority of construction projects today, builders will be able to finish projects on time, within budget and reduce the waste and carbon emissions that result from prolonging construction and transporting/returning incorrect products. By procuring materials through Bundle, at least 25% of product overage waste and order errors could be eliminated, saving an estimated 9M metric tons of CO2 each year around the world. Even in the case that products are still ordered incorrectly through Bundle, our marketplace platform allows for the easy resale and conservation of building materials.

Team Members

Edison Ding (MBA, GSB), Janna Wandzilak Colucci (MBA, GSB), Prof. Hau Lee (GSB, PI)