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Innovation Transfer Grants

Funding Year Name Description Team Members
2020 Fall VERNE Verne has designed a high-density, low-weight, and low-cost hydrogen storage system specifically for trucks and ships.

Bav Roy (MBA, GSB), Ted McKlveen (MBA, GSB), David Jaramillo (PhD candidate, UC Berkeley) and Prof. Arun Majumdar (PI, ME)

2020 Spr Greency Greency is a gamified social impact app with an automatic carbon footprint tracker and educational components for a sustainable lifestyle.

Ilmir Nasretdinov (MSx, GSB), Hanna Shuvalova (MSx, GSB), and PI: Prof. Saumitra Jha (GSB)

2020 Spr Anthro Energy Anthro Energy is developing a polymer electrolyte for Lithium ion batteries to improve their performance and safety.

David Mackanic (PhD, Chem E), Michael Kao (BS, MSE), and PI: Prof. Zhenan Bao (Chem E)

2019 Fall Resonant Link Resonant Link builds the world's best wireless chargers, eliminating the most expensive component in conventional wireless chargers and improving efficiency.

Grayson Zulauf (PhD, EE) and PI: Prof. Juan M. Rivas-Davila (EE)

2019 Fall ElectroFlame ElectroFlame uses a plasma flame that operates only on electricity and atmospheric air to replace natural gas burners.

Ben Wang (PhD, ME) and PI: Prof. Mark Cappelli (ME)

2019 Spr Anza Anza will drive utility-scale clean energy development and electric vehicle adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Nathan Ratledge (PhD, E-IPER), Fred Krynen (MS, MechE), Mauricio Gomez (MS, MechE), Prof. David Beach (MechE/PRL), and PI: Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2018 Spr Mawa Modular Mawa Modular (from the Arabic word for shelter) provides a sustainable solution to address the shelter needs of displaced populations and refugees. The solar powered modules are designed to be safe, cost-effective, net-zero energy, and off-grid.

Bushra Bataineh (PhD, CEE), Ruth McGee, Leni Peterson (BS, ME), Prof. Raymond Levitt, CEE (PI), and Prof. Rishee Jain (PI)

2017 Fall Buzz Solutions Buzz Solutions automates the process of power line inspection using data collection from autonomous drones as well as fault detection using a software platform with predictive analytics.

Kaitlyn Albertoli (BS Intl Relations & Psych),  Vikhyat Chaudry (MS CEE), Dennis Chang (BS Eng, MS MS&E), Prof. Arun Majumdar, ME (PI)

2017 Fall Safi Analytics Safigen plans to disrupt the status quo of energy for businesses in emerging markets through a low-cost, simple energy management platform that helps businesses unlock energy savings and connect with the best solution providers.

Lauren Dunford (BA, MBA), Weston McBride, Prof. Rebecca Lester GSB (PI)

2017 Fall Antora Energy Antora Energy is an inexpensive, long-duration energy storage solution that combines high-temperature thermal energy storage with novel, high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic energy conversion to support the widespread deployment of renewable energy.

Justin Briggs (PhD, AP), Andrew Ponec (BS, EE), Prof. Jen Dionne MSE (co-PI), Prof. Bill Dally EE(co-PI)

2017 Spr ClimateAI ClimateAI has developed a cloud based enterprise software platform for existing (or planned) energy generation assets (including hydropower plants) which will enable stakeholders to undertake precise evaluations of climate change related impacts.

Himanshu Gupta (MBA, MS E-IPER), Max Cody Evans (MBA, MS E-IPER), Prof. Hau Lee (GSB) 

2017 Spr HomeIntel HomeIntel is a new type of service business that is built on a new pay-for-performance contract being piloted by California utilities.

Ben Sowers (MBA), Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2017 Spr HowPower HowPower is a virtual ‘concierge’ that ushers people around their home to make their own upgrades without requiring a human expert.

Carrie Armel (Research Associate, PEEC), Prof. James Sweeney (MS&E)

2017 Spr SalCell SalCell proposes a scale-up and commercialization of the mixing entropy battery (MEB) to be used as an electrical generator run by saltwater.

Jianqiao Xu (Eng, CEE), Kristian Dubrawski (PostDoc, CEE), Prof. Yi Cui (MSE), Prof. Craig Criddle (CEE)

2016 Fall Gemini Energy Solutions Energy management technology that devises energy-savings programs marketed to small and medium-sized businesses

Anthony Kinslow (PhD, CE), Johnny Mazraani, Prof. Martin Fischer (CEE)

2016 Spr donut Optimization model that integrates clean energy technologies in the design of microgrids

Brock Taute (MS, CEE), Dan Sambor (MS, CEE), Miles Evans (MS, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

2016 Spr SHYFT Power Solutions Software platform that provides data-driven design of residential grid-assisted energy systems

Cole Stites-Clayton (MS, CEE), Ugwem Eneyo (PhD, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

2015 Fall Healyx Solar/battery powered portable therapeutic device

Cameron Hutton (MS, ME), Madeline Sides (MS, ME), Matias Rivera (MBA), Cassie Ludwig (School of Medicine), Tiffany Kung (School of Medicine) and Prof. David Beach (ME)

2015 Spr Cuberg Cuberg - Ultra-lightweight next-generation lithium metal batteries

Mauro Pasta (Post Doc, MSE), Richard Wang (PhD, MSE) and Prof. Yi Cui (MSE)

2015 Spr eDROP (OhmConnect) Commercial demand response customer segmentation tools

Siddharth Patel (PhD, CEE), Matt Duesterberg (MS, ME), Curtis Tongue, and Prof. Ram Rajagopal (CEE)

2015 Spr VISDOM Stanford Energy Visualization and Insight System for Demand Operations and Management

June Flora (CEE), Chin-Woo Tan (CEE), Sam Borgeson (CEE), and Prof. Ram Rajagopal (CEE)

2014 Fall Keewi Energy management system targeted towards users seeking control over their electric bills

Jennifer Tsau (MS, CEE), Hedi Razavi (PhD, BioEng), Rommy Joyce (MS, EE), Joe Kendall (MS, Product Design),  Andrew Ging, James Ging, and Prof. Ram Rajagopal (CEE)

2014 Spr Citrine Informatics Big Data / Analytics applied to Sustainable Materials Discovery and Development

Bryce Meredig (MBA, GSB), Greg Mulholland (MBA, GSB) Dr. Kyle Michel and Prof. Jens Norskov (ChemE)

2014 Spr Glow Novel heat pumps

Jake Saper (MBA/MS Environment & Resources), Thomas Hand (MBA), Andreas Zoellner (PhD, ME) and Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)