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Connecting the Dots 2012

Connecting the Dots 2012

The Water, Food, Energy, and Climate Nexus

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez St, Stanford
Friday, April 16, 2012

Stanford experts from a range of disciplines discussed the interconnections and interactions among humanity's use of water, food, energy and the environment. Drawing on their own research, speakers illustrated and evaluated some of the ways in which decisions in one resource area can lead to trade-offs or co-benefits in others. They examined sustainable freshwater resources and uses in Africa, Asia, and the U.S. West. Symposium attendees participated in breakout sessions led by Stanford graduate students and a postdoctoral scholar, on a range of challenges associated with sustainable freshwater.



TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, Chemical Engineering
Jeff Koseff
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director, Woods Institute for the Environment
Buzz Thompson
Natural Resources Law, Director, Woods Institute for the Environment
James Leckie
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Noah Diffenbaugh
Environmental Earth System Science, Woods Institute for the Environment
Center on Food Security and the Environment, Earth System Science
Jie Wang
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Richard Luthy
Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of ReNUWit
Craig Criddle
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Andrew Fahlund
Executive Director, Program on Water in the West
David Freyberg
Civil and Environmental Engineerin

Break-out Sessions

Stephen Camello
Graduate Student, CEE, MS&E
Sara Marks
Graduate Student, CEE
Melissa Rhodes
Graduate Student, CEE
Nicola Ulibarri
Graduate Student, E-IPER
Heather West
Program Associate, Bill Lane Center for the American West