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Kaitlyn Albertoli

Co-Founder, Buzz Solutions

Kaitlyn Albertoli is a current junior at Stanford studying International Relations and Psychology.  She has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and started two of her own businesses in high school, one was a pre-packaged food business and the other was a jewelry company.  She has always enjoyed creating her own product lines, developing business strategies, and negotiations.  She knew when she came to Stanford that she wanted to take advantage of the many opportunities the school offers in entrepreneurship.  When she had the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial class, CEE 246 at Stanford, she was incredibly excited.  In this class, she met two other amazing team members, who have since become her two co-founders of Buzz Solutions.  Buzz is a clean-tech startup which focuses on analyzing drone-collected data from transmission lines to provide predictive analytics.  It launched from CEE 246 in the spring of 2017 and they have since hired 2 more employees and are working on pilot programs with utilities internationally.  As a founder, Kaitlyn has learned about building a scalable business and received incredible mentorship.  Aside from entrepreneurship, Kaitlyn spends her free-time deep sea fishing with her dad and participating in several clubs at Stanford.