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Funding and Application Overview

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Funding Overview

  • TomKat Solutions is a program designed to support rapidly deployable energy and environmental solutions. This Academic Year, we are requesting submissions for solutions that will address the underlying causes and consequences of these specific challenges:
    1. Tropical deforestation
    2. Greenhouse gases in the developing world tied to AC/cooling and the built environment
    3. Protecting natural resources from wildfires and extreme weather
    • If your Solution addresses a sustainability issue outside of these two challenges, please contact the TomKat Center ASAP to confirm if it aligns with the program objectives and Center’s mission.
  • Selected projects can be funded through three phases, the term of each phase is directly related to the progress and needs of the teams.
    • Phase I: Need finding, feasibility assessment, market assessment, and concept refinement (3–12 months).
    • Phase II: Team development, business plan, MVP, field testing, and launch. (12–18 months).
    • Phase III: Additional support for deployment of promising impactful solutions (post launch).
  • The grants are intended to provide the support needed to move your Solution from ideation to impact. If progress, viability of your Solution, and commitment of the team are demonstrated, teams can progress through Phases to access follow-on funding from the TomKat Center to further refine the product and support the commercialization of your Solution. The ultimate goal is to help you rapidly deploy your Solution.
  • Funding levels will be specifically tied to milestones and the activities and expenses identified by the teams needed to accomplish them. Average funding structures will stair step up, with up to $50K per team available in Phase I and up to $250k per team available in Phase II, to be delivered in $25-$50k tranches. Upon significant progress and launch, teams may be eligible for Phase III support and can request higher funding levels for scaling and broad deployment of their Solution.
  • These grants are NOT intended to fund work towards academic degrees or ongoing expenses at a company (ex: salaries, business-related expenses, etc.).
  • View our FAQ sheet to see answers to frequently asked questions. 

Application Instructions

Proposals should not exceed 3 pages (12 type font). A succinct proposal is requested and will be viewed favorably. Your written proposal needs to be uploaded through the Google form and should include the following information: 

  1. Executive Summary: A summary of your Solution and approach.  [What is the problem your Solution will address (is it directly addressing it or will it address an underlying cause)? What type of innovative solution are you developing – tech, finance, policy? Explain why you think your Solution is viable and how you will be able to navigate existing barriers.]

  2. Status: An update on the status of your idea (what have you done so far, what information do you need to acquire, what development still needs to occur). If you believe you have completed the Phase I activities (need finding, feasibility assessment, market assessment, and concept refinement) and want to apply for Phase II funding, please state that in your proposal and include the details of previous work and milestones that demonstrate your progress and trajectory. 

  3. Impact: A high-level overview of the potential impact that the solution might have, if successful.

  4. Milestones: A list of your critical (Phase I) milestones with estimated completion dates. For example, in Phase I these should provide you with the information needed to validate the feasibility and viability of your Solution.

  5. Budget: List the activities and expenses required to accomplish the Phase I milestones. This will serve as your preliminary budget.

You will also be asked through the Google form for the following information:

  • Primary contact’s name, email, and phone number
  • Requested funding amount for current Phase
  • Your team members and their affiliations
  • Confirm if you have identified an eligible Stanford faculty member that has agreed to serve as a PI for this project?

Please submit your proposal through the Application link found at Contact Danica Sarlya if you have any questions or issues submitting your proposal.