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We are Arch: a next-generation residential heating and cooling startup that is building an advanced analytics software solution to rapidly accelerate Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) adoption, and decarbonize the US residential building sector. Roughly 12% of the US’ greenhouse gas emissions (or ~750 million metric tons of CO2e) is attributable to the buildings sector, primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas or fuel oil. Americans spend $110+ billion annually on space heating and cooling, a massive market to promote the adoption of cleaner heating technologies. Less than 15% of US homes today heat and cool their homes with ASHPs. This is due to several critical market inefficiencies, both for the homeowner and the installer, that are holding back their rapid adoption. We are building a software and financing solution that addresses these gaps. Our technology will use machine learning to predict the savings from ASHPs and optimize the system for the customer, thus allowing for maximum cost savings.

Team Members

Phillip Krinner (MBA GSB, MS E-IPER) PI: Prof. Sally Benson (ERE)