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a collage of the technology areas startups are working in

TomKat Center Spring 2022 Innovation Showcase

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Join us for a one-hour webinar featuring three of our Innovation Transfer teams. They will talk about the sustainable energy problems they are tackling, the technologies underpinning their solutions, and new developments for their products.

Presentations from:

Hannah Sieber and Mark Langer @ Artyc
Artyc’s reusable battery-powered cold chain shipping and storage containers offer a sustainable replacement to refrigerants and eliminate spoilage across the value chain.

Grayson Zulauf @ Resonant Link
Resonant Link’s wireless charging systems eliminate the most expensive component in conventional wireless chargers while improving efficiency.

John Foye and Aakash Ahamed @ Working Trees
Working Trees’ mission is to deploy trees where the interests of farmers and the climate overlap.