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TomKat Center Spotlights

Aeromutable Spotlight (January 2021)

Graduate Fellowships Spotlight (November 2020)

Community Solar Spotlight (October 2020)

Antora Energy Spotlight (September 2020)

LaderaTech Spotlight (July 2020)

ClearFlame Spotlight (May 2020)

XFlow Spotlight (March 2020)

Chibueze Amanchukwu Postdoc Spotlight (December 2019)

Ohi Spotlight (November 2019)

Mawa Modular Spotlight (October 2019)

FAST Spotlight (August 2019)

Kukua Spotlight (July 2019)

Airity Spotlight (May 2019)

Buzz Solutions Spotlight (April 2019)

2018 Impact Fellows Spotlight (January 2019)

Healyx Spotlight (December 2018)

Wind Farm Performance-Prediction and Optimization (August 2018)

Liquid Metal Flow Battery (July 2018)

Throttling Up (June 2018)

Floating Photovoltaics Spotlight (March 2018)

Cuberg Spotlight (December 2017)    

Keewi Spotlight (November 2017)    

Solstice Spotlight (September 2017)    

Dragonfly Systems Spotlight (August 2017)    

Women Entrepreneurs in Sustainability (June 2017)

Opus 12 Spotlight (June 2017)     

Waste Not, Want Not (March 2017)

Inventing Better Batteries (December 2016)

PastureMap Spotlight (November 2016)        

                         Solar Schools Spotlight (October 2016)











XStream Spotlight (September 2016)

VISDOM Spotlight (July 2016)

ClearMetal Spotlight (June 2016)

Speedy-Cycles: Stanford student examines the pros and cons of electric bikes and scooters (March 2016)

Women Entrepreneurs in Cleantech Discuss Overcoming Gender Barriers (February 2016)

energyStartup Summer Internships (January 2016)

Ceres Imaging Spotlight (November 2015)

Junctionless Solar Cells (October 2015)

NexTint Films Spotlight (September 2015)

Making Wind Farms More Productive (August 2015)

Aurora Solar Spotlight (July 2015)

Citrine Informatics Spotlight (June 2015)

NGEN Spotlight  (May 2015)