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TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sustainable Energy - Program Requirements

All TomKat Fellows are expected to acknowledge the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy as a source of support, submit annual progress reports, and be willing to participate in TomKat Center requested activities.

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy Acknowledgement:  We ask that fellows include an acknowledgement of the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy funding in any presentations, publications, or working papers that result from the research.  In addition, we ask that fellows keep us informed of any such working paper or publications and that they provide us with a version to be posted on our website.

Progress/ Final Reports:  Reports are due each year by the submission deadline (which will be based on the appointment end date) and will need to highlight the fellow’s research progress to-date and future plans.   Satisfactory research progress is necessary for the release of the year 2 funding of the award.  A shortened version of the report may be posted on the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy website. 

Detailed progress reports should be submitted in the form of 2-3 pages (including any graphics or charts), and should include the following:

  1. Overview of proposed research and potential insights gained
  2. Summary of progress and long-term goals
  3. Details of progress and future directions
  4. Fellow’s updated CV, with a list of all publications submitted and published

Beyond the term of this appointment, it would be of great value to know what ongoing advancements are made and whether this work leads to any future support from external sponsors.  

Presenting Research Results:  The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy may ask fellows to participate in presentations describing the funded work for the benefit of others in the Stanford community.  In addition, they may be asked to present at programs and outreach events or post additional research information or working papers on the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy’s website.