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Expanding Stanford's Impact

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy is joining Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Sept. 1, 2022!

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TomKat Center Fall 2021 Innovation Showcase

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Join us for a one-hour webinar featuring three of our Innovation Transfer teams. They will talk about the sustainable energy problems they are tackling, the technologies underpinning their solutions, and new developments for their products.

Watch the event:

Presentations from:

Edison Ding and Janna Wandzilak Colucci, @Bundle

One-stop shop for building materials procurement; builders save time and money and access health/sustainability information.

Neal Spackman, @Regenerative Resources

Rejuvenating degraded landscapes and turning them into ecosystems that attract biodiversity and financial wealth for rural communities.

Jason Poon, @Vellex Computing

A software accelerator platform for advanced analytics and computation that enables more intelligent, resilient, and secure industrial systems.

October 28, 2021 @ 4pm Pacific