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Stanford Solar Schools Project - Description of Documents

Action Plan

This document provides an overview of the entire process of installing solar in schools.

Policies, Regulations, and Resources

This document includes a list of bonds, loans, and grants that could potentially finance 100% of the costs of the system. It covers the key stakeholders, regulations, and contacts that schools can use to move forward with the solar project.

Sample Technical and Financial Model  

This provides an example of one technical and financial feasibility model that we created for a school using the Aurora software.

Solar Schools Project Presentation

This slideshow provides a brief overview of the background, methodology, findings, and recommendations from the Stanford Solar Schools Project.

Overview of the Stanford Solar Schools Project

This document provides an overview of our project, including our policy research and modeling of solar installations for individual schools.

Assumptions Used in Technical and Financial Models

This document provides an overview of the assumptions used while creating the installation simulation and financial analysis.