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Hybrid High-Voltage Grid-Scale Battery

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William Chueh, Materials Science and Engineering

Energy storage is a critical component of a distributed energy system. Stored energy provides the ability to balance the intermittent supply of renewables with the demand of consumers. Batteries are a leading candidate for distributed energy storage due to their ability to be deployed anywhere. However, because of how expensive batteries still are, they remain cost-prohibitive for mass deployment with distributed power generation. Professor Chueh proposes developing a hybrid battery technology that will be able to achieve a high energy density, an ambient temperature operation, fast kinetics, and scalability, thus giving this battery the potential to be dramatically low in cost and high in deployability.

Publications and Media

"The ionic resistance and chemical stability of polycrystalline K-β″ alumina in aqueous solutions at room temperature", Solid State Ionics (September 2019)

"High-Voltage, Room-Temperature Liquid Metal Flow Battery Enabled by Na-K|K-β″-Alumina Stability", Joule (May 2018)

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Awarded 2015