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Hybrid High-Voltage Grid-Scale Battery

photo: arbyreed cropped from Flickr

William Chueh, Materials Science and Engineering

Energy storage is a critical component of a distributed energy system. Stored energy provides the ability to balance the intermittent supply of renewables with the demand of consumers. Batteries are a leading candidate for distributed energy storage due to their ability to be deployed anywhere. However, because of how expensive batteries still are, they remain cost-prohibitive for mass deployment with distributed power generation. Professor Chueh proposes developing a hybrid battery technology that will be able to achieve a high energy density, an ambient temperature operation, fast kinetics, and scalability, thus giving this battery the potential to be dramatically low in cost and high in deployability.


Publications and Media:

"The ionic resistance and chemical stability of polycrystalline K-β″ alumina in aqueous solutions at room temperature", Solid State Ionics (September 2019)

"High-Voltage, Room-Temperature Liquid Metal Flow Battery Enabled by Na-K|K-β″-Alumina Stability", Joule (May 2018)

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Awarded 2015