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Analysis and Control of Smart Electrical Distribution Systems

Dimitry Gorinevsky, Electrical Engineering, and Sanjay Lall, Aeronautics-Astronautics and Electrical Engineering

This project questioned whether a high penetration of distributed generation, such as rooftop solar installations, would make the electrical distribution system unreliable or unstable. The answer, thankfully, is “no.” 

The researchers’ model found that for tie-in inverter connection of distributed generation, the transient oscillations can remain stable and grid frequency disturbances will not be amplified, so long as the inverter controller is well-tuned. This conclusion holds for a broad range of parameter values explored in this work, including the percentage of the distributed generation penetration and transmission line impedance. Since the last update, the results were published in conference papers, one of which is cited below. Researchers are preparing a journal paper.

Another problem being studied is statistical monitoring in power-generating gas turbines. The researchers are developing scalable algorithms that can process the large amount of data generated by such equipment and flag the anomalous units. Applying statistical process-control methodology to the anomalies will improve reliability and energy efficiency as well as reduce maintenance costs.

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Awarded 2010 as part of the TomKat's Smart Grid: Sustainable Grid Efforts.