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Seed Grants

Funding Year Research Title Principal Investigators
2011 Market-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Competitive Large-Scale Solar Power Generation

Michael Lepech and David Freyberg, Civil and Environmental Engineering; John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering; Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business

2010 GridSpice: A Virtual Platform for Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of the Smart Grid

Stephen Boyd, Electrical Engineering; Abbas El Gamal, Electrical Engineering; Amit Narayan, Smart Grid Research and Modeling; Dan O'Neill, Electrical Engineering; Benjamin Van Roy, Management Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering

2010 Facilitating Renewable Energy in a Wholesale Market by Expanding Transmission

Stephen Boyd, Electrical Engineering; Mark Thurber, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development; Frank Wolak, Economics and PESD

2010 Catching Wind by the Tail: Improving Intermittent Power Operations With Sensing, Statistics, and Control

Ram Rajagopal, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2010 Analysis and Control of Smart Electrical Distribution Systems

Dimitry Gorinevsky, Electrical Engineering, and Sanjay Lall, Aeronautics-Astronautics and Electrical Engineering