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Seed Grants

Funding Year Research Title Principal Investigators
2019 Exploring for fault-hosted geothermal systems using low temperature thermochronometry and thermo-kinematic modeling

Elizabeth Miller and Martin Grove, Geological Sciences 

2019 High Specific Power High-voltage Variable Capacitance Generator with Resonant Pulse Excitation to Enable the Next Generation of Offshore Wind Turbines

Juan Rivas-Davila, Electrical Engineering and Claudio Rivetta, SLAC

2018 DNA fingerprints of subsurface microbial community for reservoir characterization

Anne E. Dekas, Earth System Science and Roland N. Horne,  Energy Resources Engineering

2018 Solid Base Catalysis of Hydrocarbon Functionalization for Sustainable Chemical Synthesis

Matthew Kanan, Chemistry

2017 Graphene Composites for Sustainable Photocatalytic Transformations

Matteo Cargnello and Curtis Frank, Chemical Engineering

2017 Reduced-temperature thermochemical fuel production using phase transitions in entropy-stabilized oxides

Arun Majumdar, Mechanical Engineering and William Chueh, Materials Science & Engineering

2016 A Commercial Wind-Farm Testbed for Performance-Prediction and Optimization Tools

John O. Dabiri, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; Sanjiva Lele, Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Mechanical Engineering

2016 Finding the Optimal Balance between Building Energy Conservation and Occupant Health Protection: A New Mobile Indoor Air Sensor Array for Building Ventilation Automation

Lynn Hildemann and Ram Rajagopal, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2016 Building the Power Electronics Cell

Juan Rivas-Davila, Electrical Engineering

2016 Designing a Better Battery with Machine Learning

Evan Reed, Materials Science and Engineering

2016 Novel fabrication of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

Bruce Clemens, Materials Science and Engineering; James Harris, Electrical Engineering

2015 Electrostatically Achieving Record Low Work Functions for Efficient Thermionic Energy Conversion

David Goldhaber-Gordon, Physics and, by courtesy, Applied Physics; Nick Melosh, Materials Science and Engineering and Photon Science

2014 Low-cost Polymer Materials for Efficient Waste Heat Reclamation

Zhenan Bao, Chemical Engineering; Kenneth Goodson, Mechanical Engineering

2013 Making Large Wind Farms More Productive, Less Expensive

Sanjiva K. Lele, Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Mechanical Engineering; John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering

2013 Junctionless Solar Cell for Enabling Third-Generation Photovoltaics

Krishna Saraswat, Electrical Engineering

2012 Wireless Power Transfer to a Moving Vehicle

Shanhui Fan, Electrical Engineering

2011 Upconverter-Enhanced Molecular Photovoltaics: Towards Cost-Effective, Broadband Solar-Energy Conversion

Jennifer Dionne and Michael McGehee, Materials Science and Engineering

2011 Market-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Competitive Large-Scale Solar Power Generation

Michael Lepech and David Freyberg, Civil and Environmental Engineering; John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering; Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business