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Seed Grants

Funding Year Research Title Principal Investigators
2016 Aquaporin-Copolymer Membranes for High-Throughput, Selective Water Purification

Andrew Spakowitz, Chemical Engineering; Curtis Frank, Chemical Engineering; Elizabeth Sattely, Chemical Engineering; Michael Toney, SLAC

2015 Water Purification as an Appliance on Solar Microgrids

Christopher Chidsey, Chemistry; and Juan Santiago, Mechanical Engineering

2014 From ‘Waste’ Water to Fresh Water: Anaerobic treatment for energy-neutral potable water

William Mitch and Craig Criddle, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2013 Electrochemical Splitting of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Mark A. Cappelli and Reginald Mitchell, Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering; Tsuyohito Ito, Osaka University-Graduate School of Engineering (Japan).

2011 Effects of Large-Scale Solar Energy on Land and Water Resources in the Southwest U.S.

Chris Field, Noah Diffenbaugh, and David Lobell, Environmental Earth System Science

2011 Market-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Competitive Large-Scale Solar Power Generation

Michael Lepech and David Freyberg, Civil and Environmental Engineering; John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering; Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business