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Seed Grants

Funding Year Research Title Principal Investigators
2019 Development and Validation of Techno-Economic Analysis Tools for Modular, Energy-Efficient Agricultural Water Treatment Systems

William Tarpeh, Chemical Engineering, Juan Santiago and Xiaolin Zheng, Mechanical Engineering

2019 Environmental Justice Consequences of Transportation Choices

Ines Azevedo, Sally Benson, and Adam Brandt, Energy Resources Engineering

2018 Continuously Cycled Water Harvesting System from the Atmosphere

Kenneth E. Goodson and Juan G. Santiago, Mechanical Engineering

2016 Aquaporin-Copolymer Membranes for High-Throughput, Selective Water Purification

Andrew Spakowitz, Chemical Engineering; Curtis Frank, Chemical Engineering; Elizabeth Sattely, Chemical Engineering; Michael Toney, SLAC; Eric Appel, Materials Science & Engineering

2015 Water Purification as an Appliance on Solar Microgrids

Christopher Chidsey, Chemistry; and Juan Santiago, Mechanical Engineering

2014 From ‘Waste’ Water to Fresh Water: Anaerobic treatment for energy-neutral potable water

William Mitch and Craig Criddle, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2013 Electrochemical Splitting of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Mark A. Cappelli and Reginald Mitchell, Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering; Tsuyohito Ito, Osaka University-Graduate School of Engineering (Japan).

2011 Effects of Large-Scale Solar Energy on Land and Water Resources in the Southwest U.S.

Chris Field, Noah Diffenbaugh, and David Lobell, Environmental Earth System Science

2011 Market-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Competitive Large-Scale Solar Power Generation

Michael Lepech and David Freyberg, Civil and Environmental Engineering; John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering; Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business