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Postdoctoral Fellows in Sustainable Energy

Year Awarded Postdoctoral Fellow Research Title Research Lab
2018 Abulaiti Hairisha Novel protective coatings for battery electrodes by molecular layer deposition Stacey F. Bent and Alan Luntz
2018 Alexander Giovannitti Recyclable batteries – Towards sustainable and safe energy storage Alberto Salleo
2018 Che-Ning Yeh Understanding the Mechanism for Dendrite Formation and SEI Growth for Lithium Batteries William Chueh
2017 Chibueze Amanchukwu Materials Design for Novel Silicon and Lithium Metal-Based Batteries Zhenan Bao
2017 Georgia Theano Papadakis Thermal Management with Polarization-Insensitive Nanophotonic Design Shanhui Fan
2016 Adam Hawkins An Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Method for Mapping the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Heat Exchange in a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Roland Horne
2016 Michal Vadai In-Situ Visualization of Plasmon-Induced Photocatalytic Reactions Jennifer Dionne
2016 Uk Sim Develop and Study Catalysis for Electrochemical Ammonia Production Stacey F. Bent
2016 Michaelangelo Tabone Minimizing Environmental Impacts by Managing Distributed Energy Resources Ram Rajagopal
2015 Yang Weng Consuming Renewable Power: Information and Reliability as a Resource Ram Rajagopal
2014 Yuwei Liu Effects of Large-Scale Solar Energy on Land and Water Resources in the Southwest United States Noah Diffenbaugh