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Tom Hopper
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Tom Hopper

Postdoctoral Scholar, Photon Science, SLAC
Tom Hopper is a Postdoctoral Scholar in Photon Science at SLAC National Accelerator Lab. After completing a Masters degree in Chemistry at Newcastle University, he became the first graduate student of Artem Bakulin at Imperial College London, which began with building a brand new femtosecond laser suite for the Chemistry department, and culminated in numerous awards for his thesis on ultrafast photophysics in organic, hybrid and nanoscale materials and devices. Following an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship in the same lab, he joined the group of Aaron Lindenberg at Stanford University in 2021 as a TomKat Postdoctoral Fellow in Sustainable Energy, continuing research into energy transport in emerging photovoltaics. Tom currently works with Adi Natan and Kelly Gaffney at SLAC, where he is developing pulse sequences to exert coherent control of photochemical structural and solvation dynamics, and image these processes with the world’s brightest X-rays at the LCLS free electron laser.

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Doctor of Philosophy, Imperial College of London (2020)
Master of Science, Newcastle University (2016)
PhD, Imperial College London, Physical Chemistry (2020)
MChem, Newcastle University, Chemistry (2016)