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Che-Ning Yeh

Postdoc Res Affiliate, Applied Energy

Year Awarded: 2018

Research Lab: William Chueh


Che-Ning Yeh received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University, all in Materials Science and Engineering. During her Ph.D. research under the guidance of Prof. Jiaxing Huang, she studied and clarified a misunderstanding of the inter-layer interactions in stacked graphene oxide sheets and demonstrated the implications of the new insights in better understanding of graphene oxide properties and new ways of using this two-dimensional material. Che-Ning is a former recipient of Northwestern University Ryan Fellowship, MRS Graduate Student Gold Award, and of IIN (International Institute for Nanotechnology) Outstanding Researcher Award.

Understanding the Mechanism for Dendrite Formation and SEI Growth for Lithium Batteries

Lithium metal is the ideal anode for future high-energy-density lithium batteries as it has the highest theoretical capacity and the lowest electrochemical potential. However, its practical applications are hindered by dendrite formation, infinite relative dimension change during lithium plating/striping, and the highly reactive nature of lithium. While various strategies have been employed to address the aforementioned issues, there has been lack of fundamental understandings and model systems on Li metal anodes. Che-Ning’s research at Stanford will focus on investigating the underlying mechanism for lithium dendrite formation and SEI (solid electrolyte interphase) growth using materials with tunable mechanical and chemical properties. The understandings will guide the design of battery materials that are mechanically strong to suppress the dendrite growth while sufficiently flexible to accommodate volume change during cycling, and electrochemically stable for SEI stabilization.


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