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Expanding Stanford's Impact

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy is joining Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Sept. 1, 2022!

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Three Scholars Named 2021 TomKat Postdoctoral Fellows in Sustainable Energy

The TomKat postdocs are working at the forefront of sustainable energy research.

The TomKat Postdoctoral Fellows perform multidisciplinary research that builds new areas of inquiry or complements the existing work of Stanford faculty in sustainable energy-related areas. This year’s awardees will work to improve the long-term performance of perovskite materials used in solar cells, reduce the amount of noble metals required in emissions control devices, and accurately model the global warming potential and impacts of condensation trails (contrails) from prospective H2-powered jet airplanes.

“We’re excited to welcome these three highly accomplished and talented researchers to Stanford,” said TomKat Director Matt Kanan. “They’ve crafted innovative projects to address fundamental problems in energy conversion and emissions reduction technologies, and to clarify the impact of one of the prominent strategies to decarbonize aviation.”

TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellowships provide promising early-career researchers with two years of funding so they can pursue scientific advancements in sustainable energy and its intersection with food, water, transportation, human health, and the environment. The program began in 2016 and has supported 19 fellows.

The 2021 Fellows:

Arundhati Deshmukh headshot. She is smiling, wearing glasses with a long dark ponytail, and a red blouse with white polka dots.

Arundhati Deshkmukh (UCLA)
Mentored by Prof. Hemamala Karunadasa, Chemistry
Nipping perovskite instabilities in the bud


Mickey Stone headshot. Mickey is has short brown hair, glasses, and is wearing a gray tshirt.

Mickey Stone (MIT)
Mentored by Prof. Matteo Cargnello, ChemE
Engineered low-noble metal content catalysts for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Headshot of Tania. Tania has long brown hair and is wearing a blank tank top blouse.

Tânia Ferreira (Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain, Belgium)
Mentored by Prof. Catherine Gorle, CEE
Quantifying and reducing the climate impact of contrails from hydrogen-powered aircraft