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2014-2015 TomKat Center Year in Review

This digest offers a look back at the year's most memorable activities and achievements.


TomKat Center co-sponsors the student-led initiative SproutBox, a Stanford collaborative supporting sustainable energy and green-venture formation across disciplines.


  • TomKat Innovation Transfer spin-out startups and other sustainable energy companies talk to students about career opportunities during the Careers in Energy weeklong event.
  • TomKat Center co-sponsors OpenIDEO Renewable Energy Challenge at the d.School to act as a powerful catalyst for devising innovative solutions to transitioning to renewable energy.


  • From the 114 Stanford students that applied, 14 are selected for energyStartup summer internships:
    • Nicole Dayhoff, Energy Resources Engineering and Political Science, junior, intern at Aurora Solar
    • Lauren Block, Computer Science, sophomore, intern at Aurora Solar
    • Alexandra Peers, Earth Systems, MS co-term, intern at Ceres Imaging
    • Erin Antono, Materials Science and Engineering, senior co-term, intern at Citrine Informatics
    • Eric Davey, Chemical Engineering, senior co-term, intern at NexTint
    • Takero Sone, Chemical Engineering, junior, intern at Opus 12
    • Farhan Kathawala, Computer Science, sophomore, intern at Summer Technologies
    • Molly Dicke, Mechanical Engineering, freshman, intern at Vorpal
    • Akshai Baskaran, Chemical Engineering, senior, intern at WaterSmart
    • Camila Cendra, Materials Science and Engineering, MS 1, intern at Alveo
    • Robin Schucker, Atmosphere & Energy, MS 1, intern at Alveo
    • Jacques deChalendar, Energy Resources Engineering, MS 1, intern at Geli
    • Kevin Diau, Earth Systems and International Relations, MS co-term, intern at Geli
    • Sita Saueregger, Graduate School of Business, MBA 1, intern at Geli


  • TomKat Center celebrates its first 5 years
    • The TomKat Center holds a reception and social to celebrate its five-year anniversary and the diverse energy community it has helped foster among Stanford faculty, students, staff, external industry experts, and cleantech investors. A video highlighting the major accomplishments of the center during its first five years was premiered at the event.
    • The 5th annual Connecting the Dots Symposium was held on April 17. More than 300 attendees heard Stanford experts discuss interconnections among food, energy, and water and their impact on climate and conflict.


  • TomKat Center issues a request for proposals from Stanford faculty for Research on Distributed Production and Energy Generation
    • Distributed Production refers to decentralized processes of fabrication wherein the final product is made at a smaller scale than in traditional centralized facilities and near its ultimate point of use. Distributed production is expected to enable a more efficient use of resources, with less wasted capacity than in centralized factories. This approach could be applied to the production and distribution of manufactured goods, food, or water.  
    • Distributed Energy Generation encompasses the localized generation, storage, distribution, and management of renewable energy.  It is a complex, interdisciplinary topic that will require advancements in multiple research areas to successfully incorporate energy generated through distributed sources into the existing distribution systems.
  • TomKat Center launches a new website that provides more information and easier access to the sustainable energy and entrepreneurial resources available to Stanford faculty, staff, students, and external collaborators.


Since 2010 the TomKat Center has awarded $4.5 million in funding through 17 seed grants to 28 Stanford faculty.

Since 2013 the TomKat Center has awarded $1.6 million in Innovation Transfer grants to 18 teams comprised of 50 Stanford students and alumni.

Since 2014 the TomKat Center has placed 18 Stanford students in energyStartup summer internships.