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Meet the 2018 Energy Impact Fellows


Maritza Correa '18

Maritza Correa is a recent graduate in Electrical Engineering. She is born and raised in the Bay Area and most of her work with energy and sustainability has been in the classroom. Now, she is interested in applying her technological knowledge to issues such as battery storage and photovoltaics. She hopes to learn more about the intersection between technology and policy in the energy sector and ultimately wants to walk away with the understanding of how engineers like her can effectively come up with solutions for the growing renewable movement. In the future, Maritza plans on pursuing a masters and hopes to further her involvement in energy. But in the meantime, she enjoys watching documentaries, going on runs, and eating Mexican food.

Ben Demonbreun '18

Ben Demonbreun is a coterm student pursuing a BS in Environmental Systems Engineering and an MS in Sustainable Design and Construction. He was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. His passion for sustainability comes from his elementary school  librarian who ran a recycling program for the community. The summer after his sophomore year at Stanford, Ben conducted research in a lab in Y2E2 on how to make wastewater treatment more energy efficient with the help of anaerobic bacteria. The summer after that, he studied how self driving vehicles will impact the world’s energy systems at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy in Tokyo, Japan. After graduation, Ben hopes to solve problems related to the sustainability of our built environments. More specifically, he is interested in improving building energy efficiency and shifting  transportation away from the personal automobile.
Outside of the classroom, Ben is a member of Stanford Jump Rope. In his free time, he enjoys doing pretty much anything outside, watching shows on his laptop, and playing board games with friends.

Sean Hackett '20

Sean Hackett is a rising sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. He is pursuing a BS in physics and economics. Sean is a member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative, helping to design and engineer a non-toxic, low-cost DNA synthesis device. He hopes to use his knowledge acquired at the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy to become an inventor, specifically in the area of fusion energy.

Aside from academics, Sean enjoys writing music and reading. Some of his favorite topics to read about are theoretical physics, marine technology, transportation, world history, American politics, and military science. There is much that Sean hopes to accomplish in these fields during his time as an undergraduate and beyond. He is very excited and grateful to be spending his time with the talented people at the TomKat Center.

Nefeli Ioannou '19

Nefeli Ioannou is studying mechanical engineering, and is thinking of specializing in energy systems. She has always been motivated to work on projects that have the potential of a tangible impact, which is why she was drawn to the TomKat Impact fellowship. Throughout her academic career, Nefeli has always been eager to draw connections between the purely technical aspects of her studies and their social and financial implications, which is the primary reason why she decided to add a humanities minor to her technical major. Nefeli’s interest in renewable energy is rooted in the environmental and socioeconomic climate of her upbringing. She grew up in Greece at a time of extreme financial strain for the country, but also during a time when Greece started investing more heavily in renewable sources as a source of energy and income. Watching her home country increasingly take advantage of its prime geographic location for solar and wind power despite the economic crisis inspired her to read and learn more about renewable energy production, while her engineering background allowed her to gain a more thorough understanding of the technology behind energy systems. She is excited to learn more and delve deeper in these issues this summer.

Cami Tussie '21

Cami Tussie is majoring in Biological Engineering and could not be more excited to join the 2018 TomKat Impact Fellows. Cami was born in Argentina but grew up in South Florida where she witnessed firsthand the lethal effects of unsustainable development and the pollution that comes along with it on beautiful public lands and animals. Cami is extremely passionate about combining her engineering coursework with her love for public policy to find tangible, sustainable solutions to solve our most pressing environmental problems. Outside of her academics, Cami is a tutor for Habla, a Stanford program that voluntarily tutors the Spanish-speaking custodial staff in English, and is very involved in Stanford’s Israel Association. She is also a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, Stanford’s Chemistry Fraternity. She loves traveling, reading, and of course, binge-watching her favorite shows. Cami cannot wait to work alongside a fantastic team to break the barriers currently present in California’s renewable natural gas.

David Yosuico '20

David Yosuico is a rising Junior studying Atmosphere and Energy Engineering in Stanford’s Civil and Environmental Engineering department. He was born and raised in a “zero waste” Filipino family in West Virginia, where he discovered his desire to protect the environment through his love for animals and nature. Having experienced a water crisis during his sophomore year of high school due to a coal plant spill, he realizes the importance of transitioning to clean energy for communities and the climate. He hopes to work on developing renewable energy through engineering solutions and effective policies, and he is excited to work with the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy to research renewable natural gas development in California.