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Large-Scale Solar Power

Solar power generating stations could help us get to an energy system that supports a sustainable future, but very complex, very important barriers must be overcome. Most of the research results in the TomKat Center’s second set of research grants could apply to large arrays of photovoltaic cells, which get their energy from sunlight, and to concentrating solar power installations, which convert the sun’s heat into electricity usually via a turbine. Additionally, some of the research could also help with other intermittent renewable sources, like wind.

The TomKat Center’s second set of research grants funded the following seed projects:

Awarded 2011


Energy Seminar: Large-Scale Solar, TomKat Center Seed Grant Research


In 2010, 2011, and 2015, TomKat requested seed grant proposals on a specific topic. This approach broadens the potential impact of the work through cross-interaction with peers from other disciplines. The TomKat Center has funded research in the following themes: