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Spark Thermionics

Thermionic Device Engineer
Berkeley, CA
Innovation Area: 
Generation and Conversion
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported

Our goal is to develop globally transformative heat-to-electricity conversion devices based on thermionics. Thermionic energy conversion has the potential to leapfrog competing methods, but has been largely neglected for decades. We propose this creates a unique opportunity to transform historic thermionics by applying modern materials and 21st century microfabrication. If successful, our new class of thermionic converters could be a true platform technology, enabling efficient, modular power in a package that can be scaled from watts to megawatts.

Position title

Thermionic Device Engineer


The primary responsibility of this position is to help develop thermionic devices. Spark Thermionics has received funding to demonstrate next-generation devices leveraging modern microfabrication. With the support of world-class researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the goal of this summer’s work will be to develop components and integrate them into high-performance thermionic devices.

Who should apply

All majors are welcome. Apply if you:

  • Like solving ambitious, challenging problems
  • Want to develop your laboratory skills
  • Want your hard work to have direct and immediate impact

Required expertise

Ideally, candidates will have exposure to one or more of the following areas: nano-/micro-fabrication, cleanroom techniques, surface chemistry, vacuum or semiconductor devices, materials science, electronics, vacuum science.

Preferred skills/majors

Electrical Engineering / Physics / Materials Science / Chemistry (but all majors welcome to apply)

Internship term

8 weeks


$6400 (extensions of time and compensation may be negotiated directly with the company)