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Energy Data Analyst / Energy Systems Modeler / Battery Analyst
Palo Alto - with the potential to travel to Lagos, Nigeria
Innovation Area: 
Generation and Conversion
Storage, Transmission and Management
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported
Internship Term: 
8 weeks

Solstice uses IoT technology and data-driven approaches to help African homes and small businesses find clean, reliable and cost-saving energy solutions. Through the introduction of innovative connected hardware solutions and intelligent use of big-data, we are demonstrating a model for sustainable development in emerging markets that can prevent vast amounts of carbon-emissions as power infrastructure is added and improved in developing countries around the world.

Our first product, SHYFT by Solstice, is a smart meter that also serves as a remote changeover switch, uniquely designed for easy energy management for homes & small businesses in regions with unreliable power supply. The data collected by SHYFT can be used to help users reduce energy consumption or find reliable ways to transition their home or business to clean energy supply and, on a larger scale, help ensure sustainable development of grid infrastructure.

Solstice has been supported by a variety of amazing institutions, including the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute, the Westly Foundation, and StartX Accelerator. We were also selected as one of the Top 5 Companies at DEMO Africa 2016. We are looking forward to fast growth throughout 2017 and are excited to welcome a TomKat intern for the upcoming summer.

Position title

Energy Data Analyst / Energy Systems Modeler / Battery Analyst


As part of our team for the summer, you’ll be taking on a project centered on energy data and it’s use in supporting clean energy development. A variety of specific projects are possible, and we will work with you to select a scope of work that matches your interests with our needs. Possible topics will include:
  • Energy demand modeling and forecasting based on usage trends, weather patterns, user behavior, etc.
  • Clean energy system (Solar/Wind/Battery) design in the context of unreliable grid infrastructure. Single home up to micro-grid scale.
  • Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of hybrid energy systems, including projections at large scale
  • mpact assessments of energy efficiency measures and development of key energy recommendations for users to implement for cost and emissions reductions
  • Battery performance assessment (technical and/or economics) for nanogrids
Your work will be crucial to our progress as an early-stage startup, and the results will be integrated directly into our software platforms or user mobile application to help benefit African homes and small businesses as soon as possible. We know that intelligent energy data analysis has the potential to enable large-scale improvements in clean energy infrastructure globally, and you’ll help make that vision a reality.
Along with your own project, you’ll support the Solstice team as we grow, including possible appearances at conferences and competitions or a visit to our first target market in Lagos, Nigeria.

Who should apply

We are looking for Juniors / Seniors / Co-Terms & Graduate Students who are passionate about cleantech, emerging markets, big data or sustainability, which is at the core of our team’s mission. If you are excited about any or all of these areas and want to work hard to come up with innovative solutions to global energy challenges, then we would love to meet you.

Required expertise

  • Proficiency with Matlab, R, Python or another programming language or package that can be used for analysis of large data-sets
  • Familiarity with energy concepts such as AC vs. DC, power vs. energy, voltage, and frequency.
  • Ability and desire to learn quickly
  • Working knowledge of solar energy system components is highly preferred
  • Proficiency with SQL and understanding of database structure and function is a plus
  • Experience with model design and/or machine learning is also a big plus
  • Determination, problem solving and innovative attitude. We are tackling big problems in challenging environments, and it isn’t always simple!

Preferred skills/majors

We will consider applicants from any major, however applicants from the following programs are most likely to have technical experience relevant to our work: CEE, EE, ERE, CS, MCS, Earth Systems. Along with the expertise points listed above, we are looking for an intern who will be excited to work with a small team and will be self-motivated to produce high quality work that will make a significant contribution to our company’s progress. Good writing and communication skills are also important, since we hope you will be part of representing the Solstice vision as we grow and expand.

Internship term

8 weeks