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SkyCool Systems

SkyCool Intern
Burlingame, CA
Innovation Area: 
Energy Efficiency
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported

SkyCool Systems is developing a product, SkyCool Panels, that will make air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration systems more efficient. AC & refrigeration systems represent a critical part of our global infrastructure, and running cooling systems consumes 17% of all electricity produced globally and result in 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  Using the panels will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with running air conditioning and refrigeration systems, making our planet a better place to live.  The core technology in the panels was developed at Stanford University and they can be used to increase the efficiency of the standard air conditioner or refrigeration system by as much as 20%.

Position title:

SkyCool Intern


The intern will work on a wide range of projects that may include:

  • Work with our engineering team to perform site survey and preliminary data analysis
  • Develop quality assurance protocol for panels
  • Develop user interface displaying saved kWh by using panels
  • Develop tools to size pipes in panel networks in our pilot tests

Who should apply:

Engineering students, enthusiastic about reducing carbon footprint of commercial buildings

Required expertise:

Mechanical design, project management, familiar with fluid mechanics, mechatronics

Preferred skills/Majors:

Mechanical engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Internship term

8 weeks