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Engineering Intern
Palo Alto, CA or Cambridge/Boston, MA
Innovation Area: 
Energy, Food, Water, Human Health and Environment Nexus
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported
Internship Term: 
10 weeks

Jengu makes microfluidics portable.

Microfluidics is a system for moving very small quantities of liquid around on a chip the size of a quarter. Previous incarnations of microfluidics depend on large power-hungry apparatuses to run their liquid logic, but with Jengu’s technology they can be run on a device that can fit in your pocket.

This allows a wide array of biological tests to be run portably for the first time, allowing applications in food safety and waste reduction, public health, and possible medical applications.

Position title

Engineering Intern


The product development engineering intern will be responsible for developing and testing next-generation DNA sequencing sample and library prep devices on the Jengu platform. This will involve a mix of molecular biology, electronics, and core microfluidics.

Who should apply

Undergrads in engineering, physics, or biology, preferably with experience in a professional or research setting working with either molecular biology reactions or microfluidics.

We are interested in someone who is excited to have substantial ownership of a project and who is willing to work in a fast-moving and rapidly-changing environment.

There will be plenty of opportunity for personal and scientific growth as this project develops.

Required expertise

Expertise in developing and realizing physical products is desired. Mechanical engineering and design is also desirable, and experience with molecular biology or microfluidics are a big plus. Above all, experience with prototyping and experimentation is desired – we can teach specific skills but experience with problem solving is a must.

Preferred skills/majors

Bioengineering, molecular-oriented biology, or physics probably ideal, but open to anyone with experience making things and an aptitude for learning.

Internship term

10 weeks