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Business Analyst Intern
Palo Alto, CA
Innovation Area: 
Energy Efficiency
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported
Internship Term: 
8 weeks

Gemini Energy Solutions (Gemini) is an energy-efficiency consulting firm that supports small and medium sized businesses in their efforts to reduce energy bills through energy-efficiency measures. Our organization and scale are unique to the industry. While other energy-efficiency companies will work with several dozen businesses over a year, we plan to work with several thousand. Gemini's priority is first and foremost reducing the energy consumption of commercial buildings. Closely following this is Gemini's goal of educating businesses and communities about energy-efficiency policies and incentives. We believe Gemini’s unique business strategy will enable us to be the leader in small commercial energy efficiency within the next 5 years.


Business Analyst Intern


The position entails that you will be involved in helping Gemini ensure it is working effectively and efficiently within a changing environment. As an intern, your responsibilities will be:

  • Review our business model
  • Perform a SWOT analysis
  • Evaluate our management decision-making, structure and strategy, along with the environments in which we operate
  • Assess and adjust Gemini’s direction in response to the changing political environment
  • Formalize a process to continually update our market size
  • Create a financial model that can project growth over years while accounting for the dynamic aspects of our business model and environment.

You will work closely with Gemini’s executive team to develop a strategy plan that will track the company’s progress and ensures its success. Following this internship, you will gain crucial experience in learning and applying business skills inside a real-world company. In addition, you will expand your knowledge regarding the energy efficiency sector. Depending on your performance during the internship, there will be a potential to join and be part of Gemini’s team.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for someone who is passionate about sustainability and/or energy efficiency, proactive, a problem solver, is good at time management, and can work independently but has a team first mentality.

Internship term

8 weeks