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Fervo Energy

Summer Intern
San Francisco, CA
Innovation Area: 
Generation and Conversion
Position Type: 
TomKat Center-supported
Internship Term: 
8 weeks

Fervo Energy is a geothermal energy company founded by Stanford researchers and experienced oil and gas engineers to leverage recent innovations from the oil and gas industry to dramatically lower the cost and expand the resource base of geothermal energy. The Department of Energy forecasts that geothermal energy can provide 100+ GW of US electricity by 2050 and Fervo Energy's novel design will accelerate this growth and development. We will apply horizontal drilling and multizone stimulation to unlock the potential of geothermal energy. We are currently embarking on a site selection process and development of a detailed technical design for a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of our novel concept.

Position title

Summer Intern


One of our current critical tasks is selecting a site for our initial project. We are seeking an intern to evaluate sites based on technical, financial, political, and environmental factors. You will work closely with our technical team to prepare a report evaluating and ranking candidate sites on a number of factors. This work will lead directly into our selection process for our pilot project. You will also participate in discussions on strategy and planning for finalist candidate sites to help direct our next set of tasks once we narrow to our finalist site.

Who should apply

Candidates should have a strong interest in sustainability and energy policy. Although the focus of our company is on geothermal energy, these tasks will provide the candidate with an opportunity to deeply explore energy policy and markets broadly throughout the western US and Canada. 

Required expertise

Understanding of energy markets and policy. Prior experience in renewable energy or conventional energy is a plus. Technical engineering or science expertise is also required.

Although the work will be market and policy focused, there will be significant evaluation and communication with our technical team.

Preferred skills/majors

Engineering and science majors preferred, including Energy Resources, Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Earth Systems, Atmosphere and Energy, Geological Sciences, Mechanical, MS&E.

Preference will also be given to students who have enrolled in course related to energy policy and markets, including Clean Energy Project Development Finance, Energy Law, Clean Energy Opportunities, Energy Transformation Collaborative, Energy Markets and Policy, Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure.

Internship term

8 weeks