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ClearFlame Team working on their technology

Deploying Sustainable Energy Solutions

Innovation Transfer

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Listed below are a few of the more than 60 spinout companies affiliated with the Innovation Transfer Program.

Citrine Logo

Citrine Informatics

The AI platform for materials discovery.
Ladera Tech logo


Preventative fire retardant technology.


For questions about the Innovation Program including scope and eligibility please contact the Innovation Program's executive director, Brian Bartholomeusz; (650) 723-3870

For questions about the application process and ongoing grant administration please contact Danica Sarlya; (650) 724-1524

Tropical forest
Supporting rapidly deployable energy and environmental solutions

TomKat Solutions

We are requesting submissions for solutions that will address the direct and underlying causes and consequences of tropical deforestation, greenhouse gases in developing economies, and protecting natural resources from wildfires and extreme weather.
Innovation Spotlight

Shining a Light on Synthetic Biology

Stanford researchers identify proteins in a flash.