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Through the use of an aerodynamic baffle assembly, TruckLab is engineering trucks to be greener and more profitable. TruckLab's patented device, the TruckWings, covers the gap between the tractor and the trailer of combination trucks, making the truck more streamlined. By reducing fuel consumption by 3-5%, the TruckWings will offer full payback after just 18 months of normal use. Fuel is one of the largest single line-item expenses for long haul fleets, accounting for $106B each year and 8% of total US COemissions. XStream could save the industry up to $5B each year. In fact, if fully implemented, the TruckWings would also save more CO2 than the entire current U.S. solar market.

Team Members

Daniel Burrows (MBA), Annissa Alusi (MBA/MS-EIPER), David Folette, Roger LeMesurier, and Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

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