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image of farmland with row crops

With almost every IPCC pathway including carbon removal as necessary to limit warming below 1.5 degrees celsius, soil which stores more carbon than the atmosphere and all living biomass combined, will play a vital role. Globally, soil has the potential to sequester up to 1.85 gigatons of carbon / year and improving soil health has important co-benefits like strengthening global food security. Yet, this potential is not being realized, despite the existence of agricultural practices and amendments that enable carbon sequestration in soils.  Terradot is building a high integrity scalable soil carbon sequestration measurement system to incentivize the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices that sequester carbon and improve soil health. We leverage technological innovation using ground truth sampling, remote sensing, and AI modeling to accurately measure soil carbon changes over time.

Team Members

Sasankh Munukutla (BS, MS, Computer Science), James Kanoff (BS, Symbolic Systems), Prof. Scott Fendorf (PI, Earth System Science)