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Spark Thermionics

Team Members: 

Dan Riley (PhD, Phys), Jared Schwede (PhD, Phys), Nandita Bhaskhar (PhD, EE), and Prof. Roger Howe (EE)

Spark Thermionics plans to prototype a new type of thermionic energy converter (TEC) based on a microfabricated architecture, an innovation developed at Stanford. This prototype will be the foundation for the development of a manufacturable TEC with efficiency of >30%, surpassing all other forms of direct heat-to-electricity conversion, in a package scalable from watts to megawatts. This new class of thermionic converters could dramatically impact carbon emissions and energy utilization in a number of applications. Spark Thermionics was selected to join the first cohort of projects at the Cycolotron Road accelerator at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

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