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SHYFT Power Solutions

Team Members: 

Cole Stites-Clayton (MS, CEE), Ugwem Eneyo (PhD, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

SHYFT Power Solutions (formally Solstice Energy Solutions) is developing a hardware and software platform that provides data-driven, custom design of residential grid-assisted energy systems and energy management technology in order to deliver reliable and affordable energy to Nigerian households. An energy infrastructure crisis has left more than 3 million urban Nigerian households to rely on private generators for up to 19 hours a day. The use of these generators leads to enormous residential expenditures on energy, creates severe public health risks, and accounts for a staggering 15% of the nation’s total CO2 emissions. Despite recent growth, Nigeria’s nascent solar market has yet to provide a widely suitable product to the residential sector. Our data-driven design method and energy management platform address the main deficiencies of the current approach by delivering not only custom battery-backed solar systems that are optimized to lower capital cost as much as possible but also a platform for energy management that ensures households use their systems appropriately. SHYFT also plans to conduct the very first systematic, detailed compilation of energy supply & consumption profiles in Nigerian households; a practical data set that will be invaluable in guiding future grid modernization initiatives.

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