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Safi Analytics

Team Members: 

Lauren Dunford (BA, MBA), Kennedy Nganga, Weston McBride, Prof. Rebecca Lester GSB (PI)


We plan to disrupt the status quo of energy for businesses in emerging markets through a low-cost, simple “factory operating system” that helps businesses unlock energy savings and connect with the best solution providers. Energy is a huge challenge and cost for many businesses in emerging markets, and they are looking for real-time energy insights to manage that cost, but often only tracking energy data in a notebook or spreadsheet, as traditional energy management systems are too complex and expensive. Safigen’s system combines simple real-time energy data, alerts, and recommendations to dramatically increase businesses’ ability to diagnose and solve energy challenges. Our intuitive design, algorithm for recommendations tailored to emerging markets, and innovative two-sided marketplace will enable us to successfully tackle this important and growing source of emissions. Our goal is to decouple economic growth from emissions so that emerging markets can flourish in the renewable energy landscape. We are one of the very few teams focusing on non-residential energy solutions in these markets.

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