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Ritah Wangila, a medium to dark skinned woman wearing gold hoops and a magenta cardigan, smiles facing the camera in the first headshot. Sarah Johnson, a light-skinned woman with blondish brown hair, also smiles facing forward in the second headshot.

Revivo’s mission is to increase access to quality electronics repairs in emerging markets. We do this by addressing the biggest need of the small repair businesses that do the vast majority of repairs: access to quality and affordable spare parts. Our online marketplace connects repair technicians with verified suppliers offering parts, refurbished devices, and accessories. We also offer embedded financing to help technicians manage their inventory and meet customer needs.

Electronics repairs can have a major social and environmental impact. They can make life-changing products like smartphones and solar home systems more affordable; they reduce e-waste, which can have major negative health and environmental impacts; and they can significantly reduce the almost 2% of global emissions that come from producing consumer electronics products by reducing the need for new product production.

So far we have sold over 5,000 parts to hundreds of technicians across Kenya through Through this project we are developing a verified use parts offering, developing a new purpose-built marketplace site, and refining and expanding our sales and marketing strategy.

Team Members

Ritah Wangila, Sarah Johnson (MBA, GSB and MS, E-IPER), and Prof. Erica Plambeck (GSB)

Square image quartered with four smaller squares that are, clockwise, blue, green, yellow, and orange. An image of a white sun is in the middle of the square. Below the image, is the team name in black, all caps, REVIVO.