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Reel Foods

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Beverly See has black hair with blue tips, wears a gray blazer and smiles at the camera
John Ahrens has short brown hair wears a black tshirt and smiles at the camera
Robert Weeks has short blonde hair, wears a white collared shirt, and smiles at the camera




We are faced with the challenge of meeting the growing demand for seafood (80% increase by 2050) without further depleting our oceans, and alternate solutions such as aquaculture are insufficient to fully tackle this problem. By pairing business model innovation developed at Stanford with cutting-edge cardiac tissue engineering techniques, Reel Foods aims to create and scale sustainable, thick and flaky cell-cultured fish filets that will offer consumers a responsible way to consume the seafood they love.

Team Members

Beverley See (MBA / MS Environment & Resources, GSB), John Ahrens (PhD, Harvard Lewis Lab), Robert Weeks (PhD, Harvard Lewis Lab), Prof. David Lobell (Earth Sciences, PI)